Doyens aims to highlight the success stories of industry stalwarts from various fields who have steadily contributed to the development of the country and their respective states through their exemplary work.

To celebrate their success stories, The Hindu Group commemorated the “Doyens Series” a business initiative which brings together Medical professionals, industrialists and educationists to a common platform to discuss their contribution to the growth of their respective industries and personal goals and achievements.

Pride of Madras, is an initiative of the Doyen series which aims to recognize organizations’ that have contributed immensely to the development of the city of Madras and its people.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The corporate office of the organization must be in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • The organization should have been in existence and operating in Chennai for at least 18 years.
  • The organization should be active and should not be amalgamated/ insolvent/ dissolved/ vanishing.
  • The organization should not be a franchise of any global brand, subsidiary of a foreign company, or a government company/organization.

Recognition Process

Stage 1: Secondary research and collation of data (including details obtained through information request form)

Using the above mentioned eligibility criteria, the Knowledge Partner will conduct secondary research on Chennai-based organizations to identify potential recipients. Unlisted organizations will have to submit additional information through information requisition forms, while information of public companies will be based solely on the data available on their company website and published annual reports.

Stage 2: Shortlisting for jury evaluation

The preliminary list of organizations will be scrutinized based on the pre-defined qualification criteria for the first level of shortlisting.

  • Organization should have originated in Chennai/ Madras
  • The company should not be in negative news in secondary data sources in relation to fraudulent practices, misappropriation of accounts or any other offence involving moral turpitude. Negative news on organizations apart from that mentioned above will be evaluated based on its intensity and discretion of knowledge partner. Information with respect to the above shall be provided to the Jury for evaluation.
  • The promoters/board members of the participating companies/ entities should not be part of the “Willful Defaulter” list published by RBI / CRISIL

Additional parameters for educational institutions

  • Result based parameter: Placement figures, academic performance and awards and accolades
  • Extracurricular parameters: Exchange programs, internships, teacher trainings, career workshops, counselling, innovative teaching methods, inclusion, student safety

Dossiers of the information pertaining to the shortlisted organizations shall be presented to the jury.

Stage 3:Jury Evaluation

An independent Jury panel comprising of industry stalwarts will review dossier / information forms of shortlisted organizations that have qualified for Jury evaluation.  All such organizations will be assessed and scored by the Jury panel based on the following evaluation parameters:

  • Positive impact of organization on the development of city and its people like green initiatives, significant involvement/ running orphanage or old age homes, initiatives for imparting educated to uneducated rural people etc.
  • Use of innovative practices / advanced technological measures in the operations of the business.
  • Unique employee welfare practices/ measures adopted to engage employees and improve the working environment
  • Demonstrated financial growth in the last five financial years (based on PAT and net profit ratio)